Meaning of uda dena in english - Uda Dena meaning 

Meaning of uda dena in english

Interpreting uda dena - उडा़ देना
As noun : whip drink blast drop
Suggested : to spend or use (money, time, etc) extravagantly or wastefully (often followed by away )
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Usage of उडा़ देना: 1. Each party elects a whip to assist the leader 2. Because the hurricane was expected to quickly dissipate 3. It remains there to squander 4. Dont drink the water--its contaminated 5. The house trembled from the blast . 6. While there is a large drop in atmospheric pressure inside a strong tornado 7. Leave only the four walls, all take away everything off of a house or apartment 8. He decided to sleep in and blow this class off . 9. the waste of time could prove fatal
uda dena . No of characters: 9 including vowels consonants matras. Transliteration : uDaa denaa 
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