akkachchol meaning in english

Word: ஆக்கச்சொல் - The tamil word have 10 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
akkachchol means
1. for example; for instance

Transliteration : ākkaccol Other spellings : akkachchol

Meanings in english :

word or phrase used metonymically
such as Ex: Films such as (ஆக்கச்சொல்) Bidesiya and Ganga were profitable and popular, .

Meaning of akkachchol in tamil

akupeyarchchol / ஆகுபெயர்ச்சொல்vittavakkachchol / விட்டவாக்கச்சொல்vitatavakkach chol / விடாதவாக்கச் சொல்vittumvitatavakkachchol / விட்டும்விடாதவாக்கச்சொல்
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