apattampachuttiram meaning in english

Word: ஆபத்தம்பசூத்திரம் - The tamil word have 17 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
apattampachuttiram means
1. the code of regulations observed by a religious order or congregation

Transliteration : āpattampacūttiram Other spellings : apattampachuttiram

Meanings in english :

rule Ex: In 1947, constitutional rule (ஆபத்தம்பசூத்திரம்) was established, . order and statutes which a certain class of brahmans follow observe and recite

Meaning of apattampachuttiram in tamil

apastamparaṟcheyyappattachustiram / ஆபஸ்தம்பராற்செய்யப்பட்டசூஸ்திரம்
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