chikanti meaning in english

Word: சிகண்டி - The tamil word have 7 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
chikanti means
1. any peafowl.
2. Biology. an organism, as an earthworm or plant, having normally both the male and female organs of generation.

Transliteration : cikaṇṭi Other spellings : chikanti

Meanings in english :

As adjective :

Meaning of chikanti in tamil

myil / மயில்
petu / பேடுorpan / ஓர்பண்amnkku / ஆமணக்குoriru ti / ஓரிரு டிturupatanmakan / துருபதன்மகன்

Identical words :

chikantichan ( சிகண்டிசன் ) - jupiter the planet
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