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Word: களங்கம் - The tamil word have 7 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
klngkm means
1. something that mars one's character or reputation; blemish; flaw.
2. a badge, brand, or other visible sign assumed or imposed
3. any object , action, event, pattern, etc., that conveys a meaning.
4. a characteristic indication or mark of something; evidence or proof
5. a natural spot or patch of color different from that of the basic color, as on the body of an animal.
6. a blemish on a person's character or reputation
7. to diminish or destroy the purity of; stain; sully
8. a mark that detracts from appearance, as a pimple or a scar.

Transliteration : kl.ngkm Other spellings : klngkm

Meanings in english :

As adjective :

Meaning of klngkm in tamil

ataiyalm / அடையாளம்
machu / மாசு
kuṟṟm / குற்றம்
kṟuppu / கறுப்பு
nilam / நீலம்
klimpu / களிம்பு
chitangkapashanam / சீதாங்கபாஷாணம்
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