kuzaichchu meaning in english

Word: குழைச்சு - The tamil word have 8 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
kuzaichchu means
1. to yield; submit
2. Phonetics.
the act or process of articulating speech.
3. a piece of ribbon or similar material tied or folded upon itself and used or worn as an ornament.

Transliteration : kuẕaiccu Other spellings : kuzaichchu

Meanings in english :

As noun :
loop articulation adze knot

Meaning of kuzaichchu in tamil

kuzaichchi / குழைச்சி
kayiṟṟinkulachu / கயிற்றின்குளசுyakkaipputtu / யாக்கைப்பூட்டுayutakkulachu / ஆயுதக்குளசுmutichchu / முடிச்சு

Identical words :

kuzaichchuppattuppoka ( குழைச்சுப்பட்டுப்போக ) - to be coiled or looped as a bight in a ropekuzaichchumanvetti ( குழைச்சுமண்வெட்டி ) - hoe with a socket to receive the handlekuzaichchuvittuppoka ( குழைச்சுவிட்டுப்போக ) - to be disjointed
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