pechu meaning in english

Word: பேசு - The tamil word have 4 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
pechu means
1. to communicate vocally; mention
2. to express in words; state; declare; word
3. to give to another; impart; transmit

Transliteration : pēcu Other spellings : pechu

Meanings in english :

Meaning of pechu in tamil

kiṟen / கிறேன்
pechinen / பேசினேன்ven / வேன்pecha / பேசchampa shikka / சம்பா ஷிக்கtutupecha / தூதுபேசcholla / சொல்லas echu / as ஏசு

Identical words :

pechuvay ( பேசுவாய் ) - chief minister of the tanjore kings
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