panchamulakashayam meaning in english

Word: பஞ்சமூலகஷாயம் - The tamil word have 13 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
panchamulakashayam means
1. one of superior rank, ability, etc., in a specified class.

Transliteration : pañcamūlakaṣāyam Other spellings : panchamulakashayam

Meanings in english :

As adjective :
major Ex: Many of the world's major (பஞ்சமூலகஷாயம்) religions have their origins in Asia.

Meaning of panchamulakashayam in tamil

a dechochtion of five different medichinal roots as chukku / a decoction of five different medicinal roots as சுக்கு
perarattai / பேரரத்தை
chevviym / செவ்வியம்
chittiramulam / சித்திரமூலம்
and tip pilimulam / and திப் பிலிமூலம்
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