tnm meaning in english

Word: தனம் - The tamil word have 4 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
tnm means
1. a quantity of gold coins
2. an abundance or profusion of anything; plentiful amount
3. a species of matter of definite chemical composition
4. goods, land, etc., considered as possessions
5. an exact or specified amount or measure
6. with the addition of; with
7. the natural world as it exists without human beings or civilization .
8. the condition of matter with respect to structure, form, constitution , phase, or the like

Transliteration : tṉm Other spellings : tnm

Meanings in english :

As noun :
nature disposition
As adjective :

Meaning of tnm in tamil

mulai / முலை
asti / ஆஸ்தி
எண்ணிலோரடையாளம் / எண்ணிலோரடையாளம்
tanmai as periyatanam / தன்மை as பெரியதனம்
expressing state as kutit tanam / expressing state as குடித் தனம்
turaittanam / துரைத்தனம்
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