charming meaning in marathi

Word: charming
Meaning of charming in english - captivating

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
saajir ( साजिर )
Synonyms of charming
alluring pleasant glamorous likable amiable provocative fascinating cute absorbing sweet appealing engaging elegant delightful engrossing inviting graceful lovely charismatic lovable attractive tantalizing fetching bewitching winning ravishing tempting enthralling entrancing pleasing choice dainty delectable delicate desirable eye-catching irresistible nice rapturous seductive winsome titillating electrifying enamoring seducing magnetizing
Antonyms of charming
hateful unfriendly unpleasant unsophisticated boring repulsive uninteresting unattractive frightening irritating terrifying disagreeable unhappy ugly bad mean homely repellent offensive repulsing
Identical words :
charming presentation - chaaladhaal ( चाळढाळ )
charming form - rupaden ( रुपडें )
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