child meaning in marathi

Word: child
Meaning of child in english - very young person

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
lekarũ ( लेकरूं )
Synonyms of child
infant toddler adolescent juvenile youth teenager baby kid offspring minor youngster bairn sprout suckling newborn lamb progeny tyke tot imp cub innocent squirt issue neonate nursling babe urchin nipper bambino mite descendant moppet brat chick cherub stripling whippersnapper nestling shaver dickens preteen tadpole anklebiter kiddie little angel little darling little doll little one pubescent small fry teenybopper
Antonyms of child
Identical words :
As noun :
children - lekavala ( लेकवळा )
childs jacket - aangaden ( आंगडें )
childs upper garment - aangulen ( आंगुलें )
child held on its mothers hip - kalaval ( कळवळ )
children but ko - kumaraavaliten ( कुमरावळितें )
childlessness - nisantaan ( निसंतान )
childs hankering or insistence - baalachhand ( बाळछंद )
childs ornaments - baalalenen ( बाळलेणें )
childs first head of hair - romajaal ( रोमजाळ )
childs necklace made of tiger claws - vaaghanakh ( वाघनख )
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