commotion meaning in marathi

Word: commotion
Meaning of commotion in english - clamor, uproar

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
lagasagi ( लगसगी )
gajabaj ( गजबज )
Synonyms of commotion
annoyance upheaval fuss turbulence agitation tumult revolt pandemonium rebellion excitement hubbub bustle confusion ferment furor outcry brouhaha flap racket insurgence convulsion whirl perturbation welter disquiet backwash mutiny ado stir pother to-do insurrection riot uprising bedlam upturn flurry combustion stew clatter lather ballyhoo discomposure upset dither rumpus vexation fermentation hurly-burly big scene big stink
Antonyms of commotion
happiness calm calmness obedience quiet quietude repose silence stillness tranquility pleasure peace order harmony
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