devoid of desire meaning in marathi

Word: devoid of desire

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
nichaad ( निचाड )
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devoid of devotion and knowledgedevoid ofdevoted wife who burns herself on the funeral pyre of her dead husbanddevoteddevotee of goddevotee of the god khaṇḍobādevotee of the large templedevotee of viṣṇudevotee who suffers because of being separated from goddevoteedevoteesdevotion for goddevotion for or worship of goddevotion to a goddevotiondevotional infatuationdevouring timedevouring voraciouslydevouringdeśīnāma 412dharma as a branch of a treedhoti or a sārīdhotidhotï or a sārīdialect of marāṭhīdialecticiandialoguediamond minediamond with hexagonal facetsdiamond