different meaning in marathi

Word: different
Meaning of different in english - dissimilar, unlike, separate, distinct, miscellaneous, various

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
haar ( हार )
As adjective :
bhinn ( भिन्न )
maal ( माळ )
Synonyms of different
contrasting disparate distinctive peculiar offbeat diverse particular distant other divergent altered changed clashing colorful contrary deviating discrepant incomparable inconsistent individual opposed otherwise single unequal unrelated variant a far cry from antithetic at odds at variance contradistinct contradistinctive contrastive differential incommensurable like night and day mismatched mismated poles apart unalike unsimilar unusual rare unconventional original specific extraordinary strange bizarre unique special another atypical discrete especial express novel out of the ordinary several singular specialized startling uncommon another story something else varied assorted asymmetrical collected dissonant heterogeneous incongruous indiscriminate jarring manifold many multifarious numerous sundry variegated diversified multiform varicolored anthologized diversiform omnifarious omniform varietal
Antonyms of different
alike similar resembling standard usual homogeneous harmonious unified united same common normal ordinary uniform correspondent conventional indefinite commonplace unimportant familiar regular
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