difficult to grasp meaning in marathi

Word: difficult to grasp

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
nirlaag ( निर्लाग )
धरता न येण्या- सारखा
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difficult to obtain or understanddifficult to obtaindifficult to understood or retaindifficultdifficultiesdifficulty in moving aboutdifficulty of comprehensiondifficultydigit of the moondigitlessdignified persondignitydigressivedilapidated temple without an imagedilapidated verandadilapidateddiluteddimensiondiminishmentdindining roomdinner platedip in a roaddip in the grounddip or dive into waterdipdirect cognitiondirect experiencedirect knowledge of the four categories jīva devatā prapañca and parameśvaradirect knowledge