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Word: direct
Meaning of direct in english - honest, undeviating, uninterrupted, face-to-face, next to, manage, oversee, give instructions, teach, point in a direction, guide, send, usually by mail system, put all of efforts toward

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
saadrisht ( सादृष्ट )
pratyaksh ( प्रत्यक्ष )
Synonyms of direct
unambiguous straightforward sincere unequivocal explicit candid blunt forthright bald plain express frank open absolute categorical downright matter-of-fact outspoken point-blank unconcealed unreserved plainspoken talk turkey person-to-person straight from the shoulder undisguised continuous even beeline horizontal nonstop through unbroken unswerving straightaway true in bee line in straight line linear not crooked shortest straight ahead personal immediate prompt contiguous firsthand primary proximate resultant lineal succeeding head-on control handle lead conduct keep supervise run advise operate shepherd regulate superintend influence dispose ordain rule boss administer govern dominate carry on quarterback call the shots control the affairs of have the say head up preside over run the show run things take the reins be in the driver's seat deliver tell warn inform command address order read bid enjoin charge dictate lecture give directions give orders set target focus cast aim turn train steer present mean incline beam level route slant indicate escort lay sight fix pilot move in point the way sight on zero in mark label inscribe designate superscribe try devote apply throw bend settle endeavor strive
Antonyms of direct
ambiguous deceitful dishonest equivocal indefinite vague unclear indirect wily changing deviating intermittent interrupted varying devious tricky decorated obscure unfair unjust different corrupt obey surrender mislead abandon give up let go neglect leave serve mismanage submit follow yield misguide diverge misdirect ignore overlook take unsettle
Identical words :
As noun :
directness - nitapan ( नीटपण )
direct knowledge of the four categories jīva devatā prapañca and parameśvara - aparoksh ( अपरोक्ष )
direct knowledge - aparokshavidya ( अपरोक्षविद्या )
direct route - ujukaar ( उजुकार )
direction - soyi ( सोयी )
direction and space - digdesh ( दिग्देश )
direct experience - prachit ( प्रचीत )
direct cognition - sataagyaan ( सताज्ञान )
directly visible - saakshaant ( साक्षांत )
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