extra meaning in marathi

Word: extra
Meaning of extra in english - accessory, excess, particularly

Meanings in marathi :

sariye na sariye ( सरीये न सरीये )
पुरेल, न पुरेल, म्हणून
Synonyms of extra
supplementary added ancillary additional unnecessary extraneous unused extraordinary fresh supplemental new further leftover other special auxiliary gravy supernumerary needless perk lagniappe button inessential tip ice surplus spare more fuss reserve another beyond optional redundant superfluous unneeded gingerbread in addition in reserve in store one more over and above considerably especially exceptionally extraordinarily extremely markedly rarely uncommon uncommonly unusually remarkably noticeably bonus extension complement affix adjunct attachment appendage addendum
Antonyms of extra
needed used commonplace usual worn basic elementary fundamental necessary normal ordinary old main essential integral decrease reduction lessening subtraction
Identical words :
As noun :
extract - rasaayan ( रसायन )
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