immediately meaning in marathi

Word: immediately
Meaning of immediately in english - at once, right away

Meanings in marathi :

As adverb :
haathaaphaliya ( हाथाफलिया )
Synonyms of immediately
shortly forthwith urgently soon promptly directly rapidly instantly now anon in a flash instantaneously on the double pronto summarily thereupon tout de suite straight off PDQ at short notice double-time in a New York minute in a jiffy in nothing flat instanter like now now or never on the dot on the spot right now soon afterward straight away this instant this minute unhesitatingly without delay
Antonyms of immediately
later eventually
Identical words :
immediately upon hearing - aaikatakhevinvo ( आइकतखेवीं--वो )
immediately upon - khevin ( खेवीं )
immediately upon saying - mhanatakhevõ ( म्हणतखेवों )
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