keen meaning in marathi

Word: keen
Meaning of keen in english - enthusiastic, sharp, piercing, intelligent

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
unnat ( उन्नत )
Synonyms of keen
impatient avid fierce fervent anxious eager ardent intense devoted alert spirited earnest warm intent animate animated interested agog breathless ebullient fervid gung ho impassioned lively sprightly thirsty vehement vivacious zealous athirst perfervid appetent dying to fond of acute strong penetrating acid pointed cutting caustic extreme fine tart incisive observant perceptive quick-witted sardonic satirical trenchant edged honed razor-sharp unblunted wise shrewd discriminating sensitive astute discerning whiz bright brilliant canny clever perspicacious sagacious sapient Einstein sharp as a tack
Antonyms of keen
dispassionate indifferent peaceful apathetic unconcerned lethargic reluctant uninterested pointless idiotic ignorant stupid unenthusiastic calm cool blunt dull obtuse kind soothing mild moderate sweet nice foolish unintelligent lazy
Identical words :
As noun :
keenness - aadhi ( आधी )
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