kick meaning in marathi

Word: kick
Meaning of kick in english - thrill, enjoyment, power, strength, hit with foot, complain, quit a habit

Meanings in marathi :

laat ( लात )
Synonyms of kick
fun stimulation hoot buzz sensation refreshment excitement bang gratification wallop pleasure snap blow punch jolt pep force zest tang jar intensity vitality sparkle zing verve backlash pungency boot punt dropkick calcitrate give the foot curse withstand resist protest mumble anathematize repine gripe except fight damn condemn expostulate grumble fuss combat wail carp object criticize rebel execrate spurn whine oppose inveigh remonstrate stop abandon desist leave off give up
Antonyms of kick
sadness sorrow boredom weakness unhappiness dullness powerlessness tastelessness apathy inactivity lethargy blandness laziness compliment praise take up surrender comply laud yield go along accept approve agree support
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