lean meaning in marathi

Word: lean
Meaning of lean in english - bare, thin, bend, angle toward, be disposed, count, depend on

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
rod ( रोड )
Synonyms of lean
sinewy gangly lanky slim slender gaunt rangy sparse skinny svelte angular wiry poor emaciated scanty worn haggard barren spare stick wasted shadow anorexic beanpole bony gangling inadequate infertile meager pitiful rawboned scrawny stringy unfruitful unproductive wizened twiggy stilt no fat scraggy sylphlike incline veer drift nod recline tip slant prop twist bow cock slope curve pitch sag rest decline sheer droop careen divert roll overhang deflect repose jut list turn place dip heel sink bear on hang on beetle be off be slanted fasten on put weight on rest on prefer tend favor look be prone be willing gravitate toward have propensity not mind confide rely trust bank on hinge on believe in bet bottom dollar bet on gamble on have faith lay money on
Antonyms of lean
plump chubby fertile fat thick heavy strong fresh straighten energize increase ascend dislike disregard rise forget be active not like distrust
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