learned meaning in marathi

Word: learned
Meaning of learned in english - well-informed

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
saamagrivant ( सामग्रीवंत )
बौद्धिक ज्त्रान असलेला
Synonyms of learned
educated scientific studied scholarly accomplished sound experienced versed cultured lettered cultivated grave abstruse academic bookish brainy conversant deep erudite esoteric expert highbrow intellectual judicious literary literate omniscient pedantic philosophical recondite sage sapient sharp skilled solemn solid studious well-grounded well-read well-rounded well-educated posted in the know pansophic polymath
Antonyms of learned
uneducated ignorant immature inexperienced unsophisticated stupid uninformed
Identical words :
learned priest - aaghodhvar ( आघोध्वर )
learned brāhmaṇa priest - bhataachaariya ( भटाचारिया )
learned person - vidvaans ( विद्वांस )
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