natural meaning in marathi

Word: natural
Meaning of natural in english - normal, everyday, open, unaffected, organic, unrefined

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
sahaj ( सहज )
Synonyms of natural
innate logical legitimate reasonable instinctive ordinary usual essential common commonplace constant probable familiar universal general regular characteristic uniform native accustomed anticipated congenital consistent customary habitual inborn indigenous inherent intuitive involuntary prevailing prevalent spontaneous typical uncontrolled connatural natal counted on ingenerate looked for matter-of-course relied on unacquired real simple genuine easy provincial primitive frank rustic innocent plain artless candid childlike credulous direct folksy forthright homey ignorant impulsive ingenuous laid-back naive sincere straightforward trusting unfeigned unpolished unpretentious unschooled unsophisticated unstudied unworldly unforced being oneself inartificial simplehearted unassumed uncontrived undesigning unembarrassed unlabored up-front raw pure wild crude whole agrarian uncultivated undomesticated unprocessed agrestal unbleached
Antonyms of natural
abnormal extraordinary atypical unusual infrequent unsteady changing inconsistent unnatural pretended unreasonable irregular uncommon exceptional rare foreign particular different affected artificial fixed modified refined dishonest complicated intricate metropolitan modern cultured false complex difficult sophisticated gentle
Identical words :
natural characteristics - prakriti ( प्रकृति )
natural way or manner - vaah ( वाह )
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