bee meaning in telugu

Word: bee
 Meaning of bee in english - honey-making, stinging insect, collective task

Meanings in telugu :

saragh ( సరఘ )

Identical words :

As noun :
beetle - uride ( ఉరిదె )
bee hive - tette ( తెట్టె )
bees nest - tette ( తెట్టె )
bees - tēntlu ( తేంట్లు )
beestings milk given bycow during the first week after calving - murru ( ముర్రు )
bees wax - sikthakamu ( సిక్థకము )

Synonyms of bee

drone bumblebee honey bee killer bee queen bee party harvest social communal gathering

Related English Telugu Meaning

bees nestbees waxbeesbeestings milk given bycow during the first week after calvingbeetlebefalbefallbefore an idol in homagebefore an idolbefore the rise is put into the sacrificial fire to purify the foodbeforebeg forbegbeggarbegging from house to house asbee gathers honey from flower to flowerbeggingbegin to burnbeginbeginning of the rainy seasonbeginning with
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