blow meaning in telugu

Word: blow
 Meaning of blow in english - blast, rush of air, wind, hard hit, catastrophe, make sound, usually with instrument, leave suddenly, ruin chance, use up money

Meanings in telugu :

vrētu ( వ్రేటు )

Identical words :

As adjective :
blown - sphutamu ( స్ఫుటము )
blowing - aasphōtanamu ( ఆస్ఫోటనము )
blown asflower - utphullamu ( ఉత్ఫుల్లము )
blow with the fist - karēkaramu ( కరేకరము )
blow with the head - dikki ( డిక్కీ )
blow pipe - naadi ( నాడి )
blow in return - pratighaatamu ( ప్రతిఘాతము )
blow forblow - pratighaatamu ( ప్రతిఘాతము )

Synonyms of blow

hurricane gust squall gale flurry draft typhoon puff tempest strong breeze impact bump concussion shock punch slap jolt stroke jab kick ding pound clip knockout sock clout collision lick rap zap belt poke swat swipe jar percussion thump strike whack biff smash crack buffet smack cut wallop thrust slug bash bat thwack bop bang slam swing clump knuckle sandwich uppercut whomp blindside KO disaster setback letdown calamity disappointment mishap tragedy casualty misfortune balk reverse misadventure chagrin upset disgruntlement debacle frustration affliction comedown bombshell bolt from the blue stream flow drive waft wave whistle pump swirl breathe huff ruffle flap pant whisper swell whiff whirl fan whisk gasp inflate heave flutter exhale play blare honk pipe toot mouth vibrate trumpet go depart split hit the road take a hike take a powder fail flounder miscarry miss goof waste squander spend dissipate lay out

Antonyms of blow

calm good fortune luck flattery praise compliment good luck miracle success boon advantage satisfaction happiness aid blessing wonder boost comfort triumph help retard hide inhale compress come in secret contract shrink arrive do well succeed save

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