breath meaning in telugu

Word: breath
 Meaning of breath in english - respiration, wind or something in the air, respite, break, hint, suggestion

Meanings in telugu :

shvaasamu ( శ్వాసము )

Identical words :

As adjective :
breathing - shvaasamu ( శ్వాసము )
breathing forth - bhugabhug ( భుగభుగ )
breathe hard - rōzu ( రోు )

Synonyms of breath

gasp breathing pant gulp exhalation expiration wheeze animation inspiration inhalation eupnea insufflation sigh smell whiff vapor gust odor waft aroma puff flutter zephyr flatus faint breeze breather blow pause instant second rest moment breathing space ten streak murmur trace whisper dash undertone suspicion shade touch

Antonyms of breath


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