bribe meaning in telugu

Word: bribe
 Meaning of bribe in english - payoff to influence illegal or wrong activity, request silence, action, or inaction for money

Meanings in telugu :

laanchamu ( లంచము )

Identical words :

As noun :
bribery - laanchamu ( లంచము )

Synonyms of bribe

gift kickback perk gratuity blackmail incentive compensation hush money reward inducement graft bait lure sop ice take allurement gravy grease envelope price lagniappe protection present perquisite goody contract enticement payola fringe benefit sweetening remuneration feedbag sweetener buyoff corrupt money corrupting gift influence peddling buy off seduce tempt instigate coax suborn tamper tip lubricate sugar fix pervert square approach soap get at pay off buy back do business get to grease palm make a deal oil palm sweeten the pot

Antonyms of bribe

loss penalty hindrance straighten turn off repulse

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