bright meaning in telugu

Word: bright
 Meaning of bright in english - shining, glowing in appearance, sunny, clear (weather), intelligent, hopeful, promising, cheerful, famous, outstanding, vivid in color

Meanings in telugu :

sōbe ( సోబె )

Identical words :

As noun :
brightness - ruvaanamu ( రువాణము )
bright bodied - kanakaangi ( కనకాంగి )
bright black - nilamu ( నీలము )
brightly more and more - balabal ( బలబల )

Synonyms of bright

golden glistening brilliant shimmering radiant dazzling blazing sparkling luminous shiny intense glittering ablaze alight argent beaming burning effulgent glaring glossy illuminated incandescent lambent limpid lustrous polished resplendent scintillating twinkling gleaming flashing silvery aglow auroral burnished coruscating fulgid illumined irradiated lighted mirrorlike moonlit phosphorescent relucent sunlit pleasant mild translucent clement cloudless fair favorable lucid pellucid transparent unclouded sharp smart acute advanced alert astute aware brainy clever discerning ingenious inventive keen knowing precocious quick quick-witted whiz kid wide-awake Einstein clear-headed eggheaded having smarts good breezy rosy excellent airy auspicious benign cheering encouraging propitious prosperous optimistic palmy lively happy animated gay genial glad jolly joyful joyous lighthearted merry sanguine spirited sprightly vivacious splendid glorious distinguished eminent illustrious magnificent prominent remarkable colorful deep flashy rich fresh brave colored psychedelic ruddy showy tinted glitzy hued razzle-dazzle

Antonyms of bright

cloudy dreary somber dusky murky stupid unaware unintelligent depressing horrible threatening doleful typical pale pastel dull dark dim gloomy obscure black unpromising depressed unhappy normal light slow unstylish bad boring indistinct ignorant aboveboard kind plain lifeless bland tasteless calm mild

Related English Telugu Meaning

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