brilliance meaning in telugu

Word: brilliance
 Meaning of brilliance in english - genius, brightness, splendor

Meanings in telugu :

bhaati ( భాతి )

Synonyms of brilliance

talent intelligence wisdom excellence inventiveness cleverness inspiration brilliancy smarts sagacity smartness shine effulgence radiance luminosity sparkle blaze luster glitter glow glory grandeur grandness resplendency resplendence

Antonyms of brilliance

inability ignorance stupidity darkness dullness

Related English Telugu Meaning

brilliancybrilliantbrimstonebring people togetherbring togetherbring under the ploughbring upbringbringing aboutbringing forthbringing togetherbrinjalbrinjarisbrinkbrisklybrisknessbristling of the hairbristling up of the hairbristlingbrittle
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