briskness meaning in telugu

Word: briskness
 Meaning of briskness in english - agility, alacrity, animation, celerity, diligence, haste, rapidity, speed, liveliness, swiftness, quickness, expeditiousness, hastiness, hurriedness, industriousness, precipitance, precipitancy, precipitateness, rapidness, sedulousness, speediness

Meanings in telugu :

vadi ( వడి )

Synonyms of briskness

cleverness sharpness dexterity sprightliness adroitness expedition fleetness dispatch suppleness friskiness acuteness promptness activity alertness litheness promptitude quickwittedness spryness readiness eagerness willingness gaiety zeal hilarity fervor avidity enthusiasm cheerfulness joyousness energy bounce vim dash zing brio buoyancy zap zip elation pep sparkle passion vigor life zest ardor vitality spirit oomph verve ebullience excitement exhilaration action élan esprit vivacity vibrancy dynamism high spirits hustle velocity gait hurry legerity intensity earnestness exertion constancy attentiveness assiduity heedfulness keenness pertinacity industry attention carefulness application intent assiduousness intentness laboriousness urgency rashness impatience scamper incautiousness flurry bustle press heedlessness rush nimbleness carelessness drive scurry recklessness pace foolhardiness scramble scuttle hurly-burly hustling prematureness impetuosity acceleration bat momentum lick clip headway snap precipitation rustle breeze steam spiritedness acumen facility lilt effervescence

Antonyms of briskness

clumsiness stiffness slowness sluggishness slowing apathy sadness indifference lethargy coolness aversion disinclination reluctance unwillingness discouragement dullness idleness inactivity laziness lifelessness enervation calm calmness coldness unhappiness depression delay rest indolence disregard ignorance negligence carelessness inattention thoughtlessness neglect leisure lingering hindrance retardation languidity stoppage inertia dispiritedness inability

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