burden meaning in telugu

Word: burden
 Meaning of burden in english - mental weight, stress, encumber, strain

Meanings in telugu :

bhaaramu ( భారము )

Identical words :

burden in songs - pallavi ( పల్లవి )

Synonyms of burden

load duty onus hardship tax difficulty task responsibility trouble anxiety worry concern affliction grievance albatross clog encumbrance obstruction sorrow work misfortune mishap accountability blame trial charge millstone hindrance punishment care ball and chain Herculean task deadweight excess baggage weary load thorn in one's side hinder depress weigh down overwhelm bother overload oppress handicap lade hamper try impede snow vex crush obligate pile overcharge dish out bear down on dish it out dump on give it to make heavy saddle with snow under

Antonyms of burden

aid advantage assistance tranquility calmness contentment happiness relief praise exculpation encouragement benefit blessing irresponsibility help ease peace promotion exoneration further permit comfort delight release soothe allow promote cheer make happy please unburden

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