burning meaning in telugu

Word: burning
Meaning of burning in english - blazing, flashing, fervent, excited, stinging, painful, important

Meanings in telugu :

saanjvaramu ( సంజ్వరము )

Identical words :

burning ground - kaadu ( కాడు )
burning sensation - mant ( మంట )
burning heat - santaapamu ( సంతాపము )
burning camphor - niraajanamu ( నీరాజనము )
burning aslamp - mallamu ( మల్లము )
burning brand - vairavulu ( వైరవులు )

Synonyms of burning

scorching flaming searing hot glowing gleaming fiery broiling illuminated alight sizzling blistering heated afire incandescent on fire red-hot torrid conflagrant enkindled flaring oxidizing ignited smoking smouldering aflame in flames white-hot eager earnest ardent fervid feverish frantic frenzied hectic impassioned intense passionate vehement zealous all-consuming caustic piercing irritating sharp biting smarting acrid pungent tingling prickling reeking acute instant pressing compelling crying imperative essential clamant clamorous critical crucial dire exigent importunate significant urgent

Antonyms of burning

apathetic unimportant cold cool dull unexcited unconcerned unenthusiastic kind calm mild nice low bland optional inessential

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