burn meaning in telugu

Word: burn
 Meaning of burn in english - be on fire, set on fire, feel stinging pain, be excited about, yearn for, cheat

Meanings in telugu :

ragulu ( రగులు )

Identical words :

As noun :
burnt offering - hōmamu ( హోమము )
As adjective :
burning - saanjvaramu ( సంజ్వరము )
burnt - plushtamu ( ప్లుష్టము )
burnt cake of dried dung - kachchik ( కచ్చిక )
burnt as milk - kaatupōvu ( కాటుపోవు )
burning ground - kaadu ( కాడు )
burnishing - chikili ( చికిలి )
burning sensation - mant ( మంట )
burning heat - santaapamu ( సంతాపము )
burning camphor - niraajanamu ( నీరాజనము )
burning aslamp - mallamu ( మల్లము )
burned uponman - mudr ( ముద్ర )
burnt as an offering - vashatkritamu ( వషట్కృతము )
burning brand - vairavulu ( వైరవులు )

Synonyms of burn

ignite incinerate light torch melt char blaze smolder scorch sear flicker combust bake rekindle toast scald flash parch singe cremate roast brand cauterize cook broil glow flare enkindle wither flame smoke calcine conflagrate be ablaze reduce to ashes set a match to hurt bite tingle smart boil rage desire lust seethe simmer bristle fume eat up smoulder be angry be aroused be inflamed be passionate be stirred up breathe fire beat take ream chisel bilk trick overreach deceive gyp cozen defraud

Antonyms of burn

smother wet stifle subdue aid extinguish put out freeze cool quench help assuage dislike be happy abstain lose

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