closeness meaning in telugu

Word: closeness
 Meaning of closeness in english - nearness

Meanings in telugu :

pont ( పొంత )

Identical words :

closeness of texture - ottu ( ఒత్తు )

Synonyms of closeness

intimacy proximity strictness density propinquity penuriousness reticence compactness secretiveness secrecy parsimony stinginess illiberality

Related English Telugu Meaning

closetclosing the eyesclosingclot of bloodclotcloth cover overcarriagecloth covercloth in generalcloth ofvariegated colorcloth tied over the mouth ofvesselcloth worn round the lionscloth woven of cottoncloth woven withdouble threadclothclothed withclothes boxclothes hired fromwashermanclothesclothingcloud
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