cloud meaning in telugu

Word: cloud
Meaning of cloud in english - mass of water particles in air, crowd, become foggy or obscured, confuse

Meanings in telugu :

stanayitnuvu ( స్తనయిత్నువు )

Identical words :

As adjective :
cloudy - mandaaramu ( మందారము )
cloudiness - mōdamu ( మోడము )

Synonyms of cloud

gloom vapor darkness smoke puff smog mist veil steam pother murk obscurity frost overcast smother scud haze nebula billow dimness rack film brume sheep haziness thunderhead fogginess nebulosity pea soup woolpack mare's tail ol' buttermilk sky shower swarm throng horde army legion rout host flock multitude scores dense mass darken overshadow eclipse blur envelop adumbrate obfuscate shade becloud befog perplex puzzle muddle distract impair distort muddy addle befuddle

Antonyms of cloud

cognizance brightness light understanding unveil explain explicate brighten lighten clear open clear up unfog enlighten

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