common meaning in telugu

Word: common
 Meaning of common in english - average, ordinary, generally known, held in common, low, coarse

Meanings in telugu :

saamaanyamu ( సామాన్యము )

Identical words :

common flax - avichichettu ( అవిచిచెట్టు )
commongly written - agu ( అగు )
common vulgar talk - apabhranshamu ( అపభ్రంశము )
commonlyfine - aparaadhamu ( అపరాధము )
common quail - ēlise ( ఏలిసె )
common crane - kulangi ( కులంగి )
common myna - gōrink ( గోరింక )
common man - chillarakaadu ( చిల్లరకాడు )
common asarabica - chepputattaadu ( చెప్పుతట్టాడు )
commonly called - daddanaaL ( దద్దనాళ )
commonly called the rain tree - dōrisen ( దోరిసెన )
common cheat - pashyatōharudu ( పశ్యతోహరుడు )
commonly called at madrastōṭi - paaki ( పాకి )
commonly calledreaper - pende ( పెండె )
common report - pratiti ( ప్రతీతి )

Synonyms of common

accepted commonplace natural prevalent simple familiar universal routine prevailing trivial everyday frequent typical humdrum probable plain daily standard current regular characteristic bourgeois stock banal casual colloquial conventional customary habitual hackneyed homely informal mediocre monotonous passable prosaic run-of-the-mill stale stereotyped trite undistinguished usual wearisome worn-out comformable unvaried workaday popular shared correspondent constant like reciprocal generic collective community joint social public coincident communal congruous corporate mutual united well-known widespread conjoint communistic commutual conjunct intermutual socialistic poor shoddy plebeian philistine pedestrian middling nondescript inferior mean cheap colorless crass impure raffish second-rate sleazy vulgar baseborn déclassé low-grade second-class characterless declassé

Antonyms of common

unconventional unorthodox infrequent unusual abnormal extraordinary noteworthy scarce valuable aristocratic cultured excellent irregular exceptional peculiar rare uncommon different unfamiliar original high noble refined sophisticated superior individual specific singular particular separate private wealthy rich

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