court meaning in telugu

Word: court
 Meaning of court in english - yard, garden of building, ruler's attendants, judicial system, building for legal proceedings, wooing, fawn over, pay attention to

Meanings in telugu :

sabh ( సభ )

Identical words :

As noun :
court of law - kōrtu ( కోర్టు )
courtyard - mungili ( ముంగిలి )
courtezan of heaven - achchar ( అచ్చర )
court of justice - kōrtu ( కోర్టు )
court ones favour - anusarianchu ( అనుసరించు )
court yard - ekara ( ఎకరా )
court ofprince - chaduru ( చదురు )
courtesy - prashrayamu ( ప్రశ్రయము )
courtezans wiles - vaishikamu ( వైశికము )

Synonyms of court

street square piazza forum quadrangle plaza courtyard close cloister compass enclosure patio curtilage entourage cortege palace retinue train suite castle hall staff lords and ladies royal household judge tribunal bench session justice bar magistrate law court kangaroo court court of justice seat of judgment city hall courthouse courtroom county courthouse federal building hall of justice justice building municipal building respects love address homage sue invite pursue seek please entice praise charm solicit propose cultivate attract gallant serenade sweetheart beseech flatter bid grovel importune entreat spoon allure bootlick date follow spark captivate chase curry favor pop the question ask in marriage go out with go steady go together go with keep company with make love to make overture make time with pander to pay addresses to pay court to run after seek the hand of take out

Antonyms of court

reject ignore displease deny refuse condemn offend disregard neglect repel repulse

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