cover meaning in telugu

Word: cover
Meaning of cover in english - wrapping, cover-up, hiding place, wrap, hide, protect, guard, include, contain, describe in published writing, fill in for, compensate, travel across area

Meanings in telugu :

mooyu ( మూయు )

Identical words :

As noun :
coverlet - aastaranamu ( ఆస్తరణము )
As adjective :
covert - irumu ( ఇరుము )
covered - sanvritamu ( సంవృతము )
covering - sthaganamu ( స్థగనము )
cover clothes - achchaadanamu ( అచ్చాదనము )
covered withblanket - kaambaLamu ( కాంబళము )
cover against rain - good ( గూడ )
covert meaning - chhalamu ( ఛలము )
cover of any kind - ter ( తెర )
covered terrace - praghanamu ( ప్రఘణము )
covered carriage - pravahanamu ( ప్రవహణము )
covering f - musugu ( ముసుగు )
covered with dung - vinmayamu ( విణ్మయము )
covert expression of contempt - vyangyamu ( వ్యంగ్యము )
covered box - samudgamu ( సముద్గము )

Synonyms of cover

lid canvas sheet mask screen cap envelope roof jacket front umbrella dress top tent coating disguise semblance wrapper seal facade sheath bark clothing integument hood overlay coverlet tarpaulin cloak camouflage paint spread caparison veneer ceiling varnish masquerade binding marquee dome shroud pretense veil case stopper polish covering drop awning put-on canopy parasol false front smoke screen window-dressing wraps fig leaf shelter sanctuary defense harbor covert haven protection safety refuge security asylum concealment port retreat harborage blanket enclose bury layer overcast shield mantle eclipse crown surface daub stash carpet cache house curtain clothe superimpose enfold invest enshroud shade ensconce obscure secrete put on overspread superpose encase board up bush up cover up do on the sly set on fend bulwark reinforce safeguard defend secure watch over reach involve examine encompass comprise survey incorporate consider suffice comprehend embrace embody meet deal with provide for be enough refer to take account of relate detail broadcast investigate recount report narrate tell of write up offset insure balance relieve counterbalance substitute double for make good make up for stand in for take over take the rap for track range traverse trek pass over journey over

Antonyms of cover

reality danger uncover unmask unwrap disregard ignore exclude reveal lay bare open expose show let go tell take out lay out abandon forget leave alone surrender endanger harm injure lay open hurt reject fail neglect divide separate conceal hide suppress

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