decision meaning in telugu

Word: decision
 Meaning of decision in english - conclusion, resolution reached, strength of mind or will

Meanings in telugu :

phaisala ( ఫైసలా )

Identical words :

decision of an arbitrator - maadhyasthyamu ( మాధ్యస్థ్యము )

Synonyms of decision

accord settlement arrangement determination judgment agreement choice selection verdict ruling compromise finding opinion outcome result arbitration reconciliation end sentence showdown understanding adjudication preference declaration adjustment accommodation prearrangement adjudicature the call the nod resoluteness perseverance decisiveness seriousness persistence stubbornness spine backbone obstinacy pluck grit earnestness resolve purposefulness doggedness fortitude volition firmness decidedness obstinance iron will purposiveness

Antonyms of decision

dissension refusal indecision source deferment deferral delay indefiniteness disagreement beginning cause postponement procrastination wavering indetermination idleness indolence flexibility irresolution weakness cowardice

Related English Telugu Meaning

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