disciple meaning in telugu

Word: disciple
 Meaning of disciple in english - believer, follower

Meanings in telugu :

shishyudu ( శిష్యుడు )

Synonyms of disciple

enthusiast devotee adherent fanatic apostle learner cohort zealot pupil buff satellite freak nut proselyte partisan convert sectary bug votary junkie student fiend attendant hound groupie supporter witness booster rooter catechumen

Antonyms of disciple

detractor enemy opponent

Related English Telugu Meaning

disciplinedisciplineddiscloseddiscof the sundiscolorationdiscoloúreddiscomfiturediscomposeddisconcertdiscontentdiscord in musicdiscordance of the voicediscordantdiscourageddiscoursediscoverdiscrepancydiscretiondiscriminationdiscuss
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