discouraged meaning in telugu

Word: discouraged
 Meaning of discouraged in english - disheartened

Meanings in telugu :

pratyaakhyaatamu ( ప్రత్యాఖ్యాతము )

Synonyms of discouraged

depressed pessimistic crestfallen blue down dispirited beat downbeat downcast glum sad dismayed dashed deterred daunted beat-down caved-in come-apart down-in-mouth gone to pieces in a funk in blue funk in the dumps

Antonyms of discouraged

encouraged happy heartened

Related English Telugu Meaning

discoursediscoverdiscrepancydiscretiondiscriminationdiscussdiscussiondisdaindisease amongst cattle arising from their grazing on the sprouts ofdisease called jaundicedisease called spleendisease to which children are subjectdiseasedisembarkeddisgracedisguisedisguiseddisgust at earthly enjoymentsdisgustdisgusted
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