disgrace meaning in telugu

Word: disgrace
Meaning of disgrace in english - state of shame, bad reputation, bring shame upon

Meanings in telugu :

sadi ( సడి )

Synonyms of disgrace

ignominy humiliation dishonor degradation disrespect scorn stigma opprobrium reproach contempt culpability prostitution debasement disrepute blemish put-down scandal obloquy defamation meanness contumely derision discredit blur stain corruption comedown infamy slight slur brand spot disesteem abuse disfavor odium abasement baseness turpitude taint tarnish slander venality pollution black eye ill repute humbling disbarment debasing ingloriousness sully defile disparage stigmatize defame degrade besmirch humiliate derogate lower blot expel libel attaint humble reduce disregard desecrate deride snub ridicule depress mock lose face put down tar and feather give a black eye

Antonyms of disgrace

praise admiration flattery commendation compliment adulation cleanliness goodness purification boon morality virtue elevation credit esteem honor approval regard respect exaltation purify laud upgrade increase welcome approve elevate

Related English Telugu Meaning

disguisedisguiseddisgust at earthly enjoymentsdisgustdisgusteddisgusting mandisgustingdish containingnumber of ingredientsdish made of grits of roasted ricedish made of rice boiled with green gramdish of rice and pulsedish of vegetablesdishdishevelled hairdishevelleddishevelledas hairdishonestdishonestydishonourdishonourable
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