fall meaning in telugu

Word: fall
 Meaning of fall in english - descent, lowering, defeat, overthrow, descend, become lower, be overthrown by an enemy, surrender, happen

Meanings in telugu :

sampaatamu ( సంపాతము )

Identical words :

As noun :
fallacy - aabhaasamu ( ఆభాసము )
As adjective :
falling - sampaatamu ( సంపాతము )
fallen - skannamu ( స్కన్నము )
fallow - padiy ( పడియ )
fall to pieces - idiyu ( ఇడియు )
fallow field - chelik ( చెలిక )
fallen from virtue - bhrashtamu ( భ్రష్టము )
fallen in - loduku ( లొడుకు )
fallen down - srastamu ( స్రస్తము )

Synonyms of fall

decline plunge spill drop slump recession reduction decrease dip slope plummet incline declivity tumble dive slant ebb lessening header abatement cut slip diminution downgrade lapse belly flop dwindling pratfall downward slope falling off nose dive loss disaster downfall failure collapse breakdown death humiliation degradation abasement capitulation resignation ruin destruction crash dwindle stumble settle sink diminish go down depreciate land wane pitch trip droop buckle subside backslide totter topple gravitate trail drag spin relapse recede flag cascade regress keel over be precipitated break down cave in drop down fold up hit the dirt nose-dive take a header tip over die submit perish yield bend succumb capitulate obey back down give in go under give up be casualty be destroyed be killed be lost be taken defer to eat dirt fall to pieces give way lie down pass into enemy hands occur chance arrive befall come about take place

Antonyms of fall

increase enlargement evenness perfection success rise ascent level climb scaling accomplishment achievement win fighting building elevation development growth construction creation ascend compliment praise attain overcome overthrow go up expand extend lose strengthen progress scale advance reach

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