force meaning in telugu

Word: force
 Meaning of force in english - physical energy, power, mental power, energy, military organization, obligate to do something, use violence upon

Meanings in telugu :

zōru ( ోరు )

Identical words :

As noun :
forces - sēn ( సేన )
As adjective :
forced - vaalayianchu ( వాలయించు )

Synonyms of force

effort strength enforcement fury clout strain speed arm impact impetus coercion sock brunt sinew potential draft conscription compulsion might exaction duress vigor tension punch pressure impulse trouble extortion stress potency stimulus stuff momentum push velocity muscle steam subjection horsepower pains dynamism constrait full head of steam strong arm what it takes capability authority requirement gumption point influence persuasiveness intensity cogency sapience bite guts willpower puissance fierceness emphasis vehemence effectiveness dominance efficacy validity determination obligation drive competence forcefulness persistence intestinal fortitude impressiveness validness patrol army guard squad troop battalion unit armed forces division shop corps regiment body crew cell legion host detachment squadron horses reserves soldiers urge charge move oblige impose compel restrict drag limit inflict demand cause order make wrest necessitate insist coerce enjoin apply fix constrain overcome blackmail burden wring bind choke contract impel command obtrude occasion strong-arm bear down sandbag pressurize dragoon concuss shotgun bear hard on bring pressure to bear upon pin down put screws to put squeeze on violate defile blast propel burst pry ravish undo twist assault jimmy wrench spoil thrust rape break in break open bust open

Antonyms of force

happiness hindrance weakness idleness lethargy relaxation incompetence passivity peace powerlessness ease discouragement cowardice inactivity ineffectiveness inability ignorance inadequacy indifference dullness impotence invalidity unimportance uselessness beginning start disinterest connection dissuade release disallow prevent permit aid surrender free stop check halt let go leave alone forget give neglect help yield close

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