insect meaning in telugu

Word: insect
 Meaning of insect in english - bug

Meanings in telugu :

krimi ( క్రిమి )

Identical words :

insect ofbright red colour belonging to the mite family - aarudrapurugu ( ఆరుద్రపురుగు )
insect in sheep - konoojhu ( కొణూఝు )
insect that is found in timber - ghunamu ( ఘుణము )
insects feelers - misamu ( మీసము )
insects to surround - musaru ( ముసరు )
insects do - moogu ( మూగు )

Synonyms of insect

tick vermin pest mite bee fly louse arachnid butterfly gnat dragonfly moth grasshopper spider cockroach termite ant mosquito beetle flea fruit fly aphid ladybug cootie bumblebee bedbug arthropod hornet daddy longlegs praying mantis

Related English Telugu Meaning

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