Area meaning in hindi | Area ka matlab 

Area meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Area 
Usage of Area: 1: After flood help was givin from surplus area to affected areas. 2: This area is non-residential. 3: the boat entered an area of shallow marshes 4: it was a mountainous area 5: He was brought up in a middle-class environment.
Peaceful environment in this area is very condusive for meditation.
6: The area was cordoned off because of the bomb scare. 7: Over 70 percent of the families in this area own a telephone. 8: This area has fecund soil. 9: In preparing maps of the area fieldwork is very important. 10: Monophonemics is an interesting area of study.
Area ki paribhasha : dharati ka vah lnba chaud vibhaag jo niyamit karane ki kriya vah avakaash jisamen koi chij rah sake vah gunanaphal jo kisi kshetr ki lnbaayi aur chaudai ko guna karane se praapt ho vah sthaan jahaaan ann boya jaata ho vah avakaash jisamen koi chij rah sake kisi kshetr ka vargaatmak parimaan jo praayaः usaki lnbaayi aur chaudai ke ghaat ya gunan se jaana jaata hai

Area synonyms
field operation range space breadth distance stretch expanse sphere compass width size sector city square neighborhood zone locality section county state territory kingdom division domain parcel plot vicinity patch precinct dominion tract turf ward quarter enclosure block belt neck of the woods township principality
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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