Bile meaning in hindi | Bile ka matlab 

Bile meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Bile 
Usage of Bile: 1: The gall bladder is a reservoir of the bile juice. 2: It is believed more than 12,000 bile bears are kept on farms 3: Affection medicine characterized by the yellow color are the integument and that can be attributed to the presence of bile in the Blood 4: arthritic concretions, bile 5: bile Suffusion 6: Black Bile Medicine and Layout sad that ancient medicine attributed to an excess of black bile 7: He vomited bile 8: It came to him one disgorging bile 9: It is feared that his bile does not light 10: It is said in the same direction Turn bile
Bile ki paribhasha : ek taral padaarth jo sharir ke antargat yakrat men banata hai

Bile synonyms
grudge enmity hostility bitterness resentment ill will meanness antipathy animosity hatred mordacity umbrage spite malevolence venom poison maliciousness acerbity dislike viciousness repugnance dirt evil bane malignity despite vindictiveness down spleen spitefulness bad blood despitefulness implacability hatefulness malignance harshness antagonism acrimony vengefulness pique dudgeon vengeance virulence retaliation aversion variance resentfulness unfriendliness ruthlessness hardness of heart ill feeling revengefulness uncharitableness anger ire mind spirit temper saliva gum juice sweat sap milk mucus tears petulance ill temper
Bile antonyms
good will friendship friendliness happiness liking morality benevolence thoughtfulness kindness love loving like respect sympathy affableness 
Usage of Bile in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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