Brilliant meaning in hindi | Brilliant ka matlab 

Brilliant meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Brilliant 
Usage of Brilliant: 1: He is brilliant boy 2: the goalie made a brilliant save 3: A brilliant fielder was moved to the outfield. 4: the anticlimax of a brilliant career 5: a brilliant but narrow-minded judge 6: A brilliant idea occured to Newton while watching the apple fall. 7: He was a brilliant writer, of course. 8: Early scholars include the brilliant linguist and Boasian 9: Case is a "console cowboy," a brilliant hacker 10: Anderssen was hailed as the leading chess master and his brilliant
Brilliant ki paribhasha : ek ratn ya bahumooly patthar jo apani chamak aur kadai ke liye prasiddh hai vaibhavayukt vah jisake paas bahut adhik dhan snpatti ho kuchh vishisht chhote, chamakile, bahumooly padaartha, visheshataः khanij padaarth ya patthara, jinaka vyavahaar aabhooshanon aadi men jadne ke liye hota hai jisaka svaad phika na ho jisamen bahut aabhaa, kaanti ya jyoti ho

Brilliant synonyms
vivid radiant dazzling sparkling bright flashy scintillating luminous intense ablaze clinquant effulgent glittering glossy incandescent lambent lustrous refulgent resplendent showy gleaming lucent coruscating splendid exceptional magnificent superb excellent distinguished glorious celebrated eminent illustrious prominent ingenious inventive talented gifted accomplished astute sharp smart acute brainy clever discerning expert genius intellectual knowing knowledgeable masterly penetrating profound quick quick-witted whip whiz kid einstein eggheaded
Brilliant antonyms
cloudy typical stupid unaware unintelligent dull dark dim obscure gloomy dulled normal insignificant usual poor ordinary regular common inferior unnoteworthy bad second-rate ignorant inept slow unstylish 
Usage of Brilliant in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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