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Call on meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Call on 
Usage of Call on: 1: If you need help, just call on me . 2: Please don't call on me . 3: It's no use trying to call on the telephone . 4: Grandmother always paid us a call on Sundays . 5: She began to call on him at home 6: UN resolutions call on the United Kingdom and Spain
Call on ki paribhasha : shabdon dvaara abhipraay prakat karana kisi ko bolane men pravratt karana

Call on synonyms
bite scrounge hustle ding knock tap brace burn chisel freeload sponge nick benefit score want buzz touch cadge panhandle bum mooch ask alms call upon clamor for dime up hit up live hand to mouth mendicate nickel up pass the hat put the bite on put the touch on solicit charity sponge on authorize appoint require direct call for tell prohibit set forbid enjoin instruct inflict dictate beckon proclaim check grant debar compel charge restrain cite enact oblige warn interdict exact adjure inhibit task impose ordain summon requisition subpoena ban order rule out ordinate call the signals force upon give directions give orders lay down the law mark out put foot down send for take charge take lead refuse revoke refute contradict withhold oppose turn down reject rebuff repudiate disbelieve curb negate exclude disown forgo abjure negative discredit doubt disprove forsake contravene veto sacrifice disallow nullify begrudge taboo abnegate gainsay disclaim spurn disavow controvert eschew discard recant rebut hold back disacknowledge enjoin from keep back not buy say no to take exception to turn thumbs down frequent play inspect see tour talk reside converse crash tarry sojourn chat dwell come by drop in look up step in take in stay at come around drop by drop over go over to go to see look around look in on pay a call pay a visit to pop in stay with stop by stop off swing by
Call on antonyms
answer give reject permit hinder conceal aid assist liberate refuse veto prevent disallow contradict countermand revoke approve ask help stop free cancel oppose recall reverse follow ok sanction ratify welcome claim validate concur accede affirm concede confess corroborate grant accept support admit believe trust acknowledge keep credit agree embrace go along listen ignore refrain neglect be quiet 
Usage of Call on in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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