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As noun : अप्रमत्त Ex:  Mr. Damani was a cautious trader. चेतंत Ex:  This cautious approach was well advised चौकन्ना Ex:  Historians, however, tend to be more cautious in their assessment. उ:   सारा अंग्रेजी शासन चौकन्ना हो हो गया था। प्रणिहित Ex:  He was initially cautious about offending Sparta but बेदार Ex:  This plan obtained the Elector's cautious support. यत्त Ex:  There is no evidence that breast-feeding spreads HCV. To be cautious संयत्त Ex:  It's a very cautious man, a woman very careful सतर्क उ:   कभी सतर्क है, वह भ्रामक संभावनाओं को समाप्त करना चाहता था। सहस्त्राक्ष सावचेत ‡ सावचेत ‡
As adjective : अप्रमत्त Ex:  Mr. Damani was a cautious trader. कार्यचिंतक Ex:  She defied the cautious strategy that had characterized French leadership. चेतंत Ex:  This cautious approach was well advised धिष्णय Ex:  Being always cautious पृष्ठपाती Ex:  Sheaffe took a more cautious approach. युक्तमना Ex:  Turkmenistan has taken a cautious approach to economic reform व्यपेक्ष Ex:  Absolutely, this is a man who is not engaged, It's a very cautious man, very reserved व्यपेक्षक Ex:  Another time I will be more cautious to say my view, to give advice सँजवल Ex:  Having a good driver, a cautious driver सँजूत Ex:  In cautious man, I withdrew संयत्त Ex:  It's a very cautious man, a woman very careful समवधायी सहस्त्राक्ष सावचेत ‡ सावधान सर्तक सावधान उ:   ये हमेशा सावधान एवं सचेत रहते हैं। सावधानपूर्वक सावहित स्वांतस्थ
Other : एहतियाती Ex:  Emperor Francis of Austria was in a more cautious mood सजग उ:   इसीलिये ग्रामीण लोग पारिवारिक सम्मान के विशय में सर्वदा सजग रहते हैं।
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Cautious synonyms
watchful tentative wary judicious discreet circumspect vigilant prudent leery safe alert cagey calculating chary considerate gingerly heedful politic provident pussyfoot shrewd all ears forethoughtful on the lookout playing it cool playing safe taking it easy taking it slow thinking twice walking on eggs watching out hedging one's bets keeping on one's toes watching one's step with one's eyes peeled
Cautious antonyms
inattentive negligent foolish incautious indiscreet rash reckless unwise hasty heedless imprudent unguarded unobservant certain sure careless thoughtless uncareful
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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